Any Help For A Lisp?

Hey everyone,

I speak with a lisp in every day life and have wanted to do a podcast for a very long time. The problem is the lisp has been a source of embarrassment my entire life. Also, when listening to my recordings I find the lisp very distracting and makes it hard to focus on what I say. While I am sure I pay a little more attention to it then most would, I am sure people will still find it a major distraction.

My question is, is there anything I can do to decrease the prominence of the lisp in my recording. I have tried spitfish and it didn’t do a whole lot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Most of the tools are devoted to doing the opposite of what you need. They’re used to help suppress harsh, sharp, unnatural S sound distortions and boosts in speech. Natural S sounds are precisely what you’re missing.

I can’t think of any tool that would help. There’s nothing remarkable for the software to use as a guide to put the S sounds back. You can’t just boost high pitched vocal tones because that would destroy the other plosive sounds which we assume are normal. It’s difficult to get across the idea that the software doesn’t speak English (or anything else), so it has no idea where an S sound would normally go.

Most of the tools are blunt instruments or stupidly following an electrical oddity. They’re not intelligent at all.

Maybe the other elves will have a better idea.


As a bit of a stretch, you’re in the same boat as people who want us to make them into announcers (hasn’t worked so far). Only you need management at the other end of the pitch scale. Koz

Thank you for your response. It is kind of what I figured. Oh well, figured I would give it a shot.