Any convenient way to move tracks in large projects?

Here I am with another topic. Sorry but I will first provide some (needed?) context:

In a large project with many tracks, where I crossfade a whole lot using other segments on seperate tracks, this is the procedure when I want to crossfade something:

Select, copy, & paste [or import] (new track always pastes/imports at the very bottom of the project because it just won’t let you do it anywhere else)
Drag up
Drag up
and repeat…
For a solid minute until the track is next to the one I want to crossfade with. And it’s not like I need it at the top of the project, usually somewhere between the top and the bottom, but with the number of tracks I have (I can only assume it’s in the region of over 100).

My machine (and audacity) can handle this amount of tracks of course, and quite frankly I can’t quite do the project any other way, but whenever I do this procedure I have to waste so much time dragging. There is an amusingly useless option in each track’s dropdown that says “move track up/down” but it only does so by one place, which is even slower than dragging for me.

I tried selecting all the tracks between where I want my track to be, and where it is, thinking I could maybe click “move track down” on all of them, bringing the new track to it’s place in the project immediately, but it deselects all and just does it for one.

Is there any keyboard shortcut for bringing a track up/down? (even if it was by one space, it would be a lot easier to spam a shortcut on my keyboard than drag+scroll), or perhaps a “move track to top/bottom” option?

Alternatively it would be great if I could somehow decide between which existing tracks, the track I paste/import goes, which would also solve this issue. Haven’t found a way to do this.

I am aware it’s simply a matter of convenience, so if there truly aren’t any solutions, just let me know.

Dragging tracks up/down is easier if you “collapse” the tracks first (View menu > Track size > Collapse all tracks).

There are also options in the track dropdown menu to move a track to the top / bottom, so you should never need to drag by more than half the number of track in the project. (See:

In the “Extra” menu, there’s commands to move the track that has focus, up or down.
The “Extra” menu has to be enabled in Preferences:
Then see:

It is also possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to these commands: