Any advice in how to make this voice recording more clear

I created a voice recording and applied a voice change effect I saw on youtube but the audio isnt clear enough any advice in how to keep the voice change but make the audio more clear.

heres the audio

also heres how to create the voice effect on audacity

heres the other example link sorry for the muliple post but since im a new user it wont allow me to post multiple links in one post

Telephone preset on “filter curve” can make voices a bit easier to understand.

If you want a disguised* but clear voice I’d use another effect instead, one which does not duplicate the voice, (as if it was several people talking at once). E.g. Morph or Frequency Magnet.

[ * theses type of disguises only work in the movies:
in reality they are reversible, revealing the true voice ].

Just noticed that Frequency-magnet turns Will Smith into Donald Trump …

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