Anwida soft DX reverb lite

I have been using ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb lite on the previous version of Audacity. I downloaded the new 2.0 version and I can’t get it to recognize this plug-in. is ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb lite compatible to the new version? I notived that your reverb seems to have been expanded but it just doesn;t compare.

Audacity 2.0 was superseded by 2.0.1 nearly three years ago. The current version (released today) is 2.1.0, which is available here:
(The site may be a bit slow for a while due to the huge surge in traffic following the new release).

ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb lite works with Audacity 2.1.0 (requires the 32 bit VST version of DX Reverb lite).
When installing 2.1.0 I recommend selecting the option to reset the Audacity preferences so as to be sure that it picks up your plugins correctly.

Thank you - Where might I find the 32 bit version?

Follow the download links from this page and select the Windows VST version:

I work on WIndows 7 (prof version), Audacity 2.1 and I have installed the latest Anwida soft DX reverb lite (dll) in the audacity plugins directory. Anwida is duly recognized (though with another name than before : LV1 now wheras with audacity 2.06 it was called Anwida in the effects menu… ), it also seems to work alright but Audacity but after saving a “user preset” with chosen values for Predly, decay LP cut and Mix level, how come those values do not appear again when I load this particular user preset later? It is rather frustrating and time consuming to be obliged to reconfigure these 4 values over and over again everytime I reopen Audacity and want to use the Anwida reverb dll. Is the 2.1 Audacity version responsible for this ? Thanks for any help on this subject.

Just to touch all bases, Audacity does not produce any of those versions. We made 2.0.6 and now it’s 2.1.0. If you see “2.1” in Help > About Audacity… then it’s a fake and you should uninstall it in favour of


Works for me in Audacity supplied by us.


I did install the authentic version 2.1.0 from the sourceforge site - sorry for not being precise enough. So did I as concerns the Anwida DX reverb light dll (from Anwida itself). So after reading your post I wanted to check once more. And after modifying a few values and activating the save user preset function, closing the preset and opening it again, the initial values remained unchanged (Mix = 0 etc.). Could somebody tell me where the values are stored (which directory) so that I can may be modify writing rights “and all that sort of thing” ? Thanks for your help. This reverb tool worked perfectly under the previous version. I must add that I use Audacity everyday and appreciate it immensely.

UsersAppDataRoamingAudacitypluginsettings.cfg. Try quitting Audacity, deleting that file then let Audacity recreate it.

To be clear, are you saying that you see the settings change when you click User Presets > but the plugin sounds as if it is using the unchanged settings? If there is still a problem please describe step by step how you are creating and accessing the user preset.


Sorry for not developing this point, work brought me to other priorities.
When I use the plugin, I manage to change the initial values one after the other (Mix, predly, decay, etc.) by clicking on the right and left arrows each time and using the grey wheel to modify the figures shown (same thing for the volume cursor), then I save this set of values with the save preset values function provided. But when I close the plugin (and even the software) and choose the previously saved “user preset” values, the values shown are still (and always) the initial ones that were already visible when I first installed the plugin, mix=0, volume=0 etc. and the modifications on the sound file just do not follow the changes that were asked. This is why it might be due to “write rights” in a specific directory, rights which I could try to change accordingly. I this a possible solution?

Can you try quitting Audacity, delete pluginsettings.cfg then try again.