Anti virus preventing audacity startup

I think that is what is happening. My portable version starts to start and then it stops starting!

Did you download Audacity via the Audacity website:

I don’t see the portable version on that page. I did download the regular desktop version but I can’t open that one because I get an error that says the program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. So I downloaded portable but maybe from softronic because I couldn’t find it on the linked page. Besides, I had this problem with the desktop version and that error before and it’s never been fixed. but the portable has always run OK regardless of where I downloaded from. Where is the portable download on the audacity site? I don’t see it.

You need to update Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. You can get it from Microsoft here: Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn
You need the “x86: vc_redist.x86.exe” version (because Audacity is a 32-bit app).

Also, ensure that you have the current version of Audacity from here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

I tried that the first time you told me and it didn’t update. I have never been able to find the portable version on the audacity site. I’ve downloaded it over ten times and every time it was from sourceforge or softronic. Why isn’t it available directly through the audacity site?

That will be a problem, because Audacity requires it.

The “Zip” version of Audacity may be used as a “portable” version. You just need to download the Zip package, and extract it somewhere.
If you want the Audacity settings to be saved within the app (rather than in your computer user settings), you need to create an empty folder in the same location as the “audacity.exe” file, and name that folder “Portable Settings”.

The version that is called “Portable Audacity” is not our product. It’s probably the version from

Yes, it is from portableapps. But I have never had a problem with it. I was running it for six weeks without the dll file. Why would I need it now? And won’t I need it if I set up from the zip file as you suggest?

I downloaded it but it won’t run because I’m missing the dll file. And I was running portable without the dll file for over a month. The reason I was running portable was because I couldn’t start the regular version without the dll. It worked fine.

I was running portable without the dll file for over a month

Didn’t Microsoft stop supporting Win7 a short time ago?

So you have a Windows problem on an unsupported machine using software Audacity didn’t make.

Does have a help forum?


I first had portable recommended to me on this forum a few years back. I thought it was developed by the Audacity team.

I downloaded it again from a different source and this one is running. Sorry, I was not aware that Portable is not an Audacity team project.

As I understand it, the software license allows anyone to modify the Audacity code to do whatever they want. That’s the Open Source thing. One of the problems with that is tracking the “real” Audacity code. When the Audacity developers issue a new version with patches and corrections, poof, the Open Source modified version and the current certified versions don’t match.


I downloaded 2.2.1 and now it’s working on the desktop without the dll file. But it’s an older version.