Antares Aututune

First of all let me apologise if this question has been asked 100 times already but…
…I want to install the antares autotune plug in but when I go to the Antares site it says that Audacity is an ‘incompatable host’ :astonished:
If so is there a way around this :question:



What commonly happens is the plugin uses fancy graphics and tools to control the effect, and Audacity doesn’t support the graphics.

Audacity does not support real time processing or MIDI features in VST plug-ins.
According to this page Audacity 1.3 has partial support for Antares AutoTune Evo. If you want to make full use of Antares Autotune you will need to use a different host program. If you’re on Windows, Reaper is pretty inexpensive and available as a free trial.

Thanks for all the tips.
Very helpful :slight_smile: