Antares Autotune

So I managed to get the autotune VST working properly, however, unlike other programs like soundsbooth, it does not pull up the programs nice little plugin menu, but a normal gray effect slider menu. This wouldnt set me back normally but instead of being able to choose your key as A, B, ect, the slider for key is 0-1. :angry: How am I possibly supposed to pick the key with that? This is the same with all the other options on there as well. Minor / major is 0-1 and octaves as well. If anyone knows a way to either work with this or better yet open the actual machine, please let me know! Thanks

Unfortunately Autotune is not very usable in Audacity. It relies heavily on the VST graphical interface which Audacity is legally prevented from using due to licensing restrictions (it’s not just Audacity but applies to any open source projects - I guess Steinberg are not fans of open source software).

Audacity can have pretty shaky support for plugins. One thing that suffers almost immediately is that Audacity doesn’t pass on the user interface. So if you’re used to a tool with cherubs, Gucci leather, Corinthian columns, and chocolate sprinkles on top, Audacity may only give you a simple slider and a button or two.

And not Gucci buttons, either.


Ill just stick to using the vocoder in Soundsbooth then inporting to audacity then.

FYI, I’m working on an open-source pitch correction plugin. At the moment I’ve only compiled it for Linux, although since Audacity supports the LADSPA API it should be compilable for mac and windows too. It’s a work in progress, but feel free to check it out:

Congratulations Tom, that’s excellent.
I’ve just downloaded it and given it a quick test and it works great. Thank you for sharing it with us.
It seems a shame for it to be buried in the tail end of another topic. Feel free to announce in a fresh topic if you wish.
I can see this being a very popular plug-in.

Could someone confirm this works on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Audacity 1.3.14-beta?
I’ve copied both 32 and 64 bit versions of to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/LADSPA but Audaticy just doesn’t load any.

The 1.3.x series of Audacity is now discontinued, The current version of Audacity is 2,0.2

The MIDI features in Antares Autotune are not supported in any version of Audacity.
Basic functionality may work - why don’t you try their demo version?