Antares Autotune VST plugin trouble

Hi! I’m new to audacity forum and being glad that I found here to ask my question. It’s about 3 weeks that I have had this problem.
I searched the forum and found that 2 people already asked this question, But their questions were about the older versions of audacity. Therefore I decided to ask it again. Hope I haven’t broken any rules of this forum.
First of all I should say that my audacity version is 2.0.5. Presumably It’s the latest version.
I have installed “Antares Autotune 5”. Next I ticked “Rescan vst effects” checkbox in audacity preferences.
I restarted the audacity and it found Antares autotune plugin. I pressed Enter key to add it to audacity.
Everything went OK but Antares autotune item didn’t appeared in Effects menu.
By the way, I’m using Windows XP SP3.
Any sudgestions?

Please be aware that AutoTune does not fully work with Audacity because Audacity cannot work with MIDI input.

If Audacity recognises AutoTune then it will be underneath Wahwah in the Effect Menu.

For more information please see .


Hi gale!
I don’t know what midi input is!!!
I just want to use autotune for pitch correction and tuning.
Yes, It detected autotune DLL file.
But I can’t see it in the Effect menu.
Also, I tried audacity portable 2.0.3. But nothing changed.

The [u]Antares website[/u] says Auto-Tune is incompatible with Audacity.

Thanks, Doug. I don’t know, but others have reported that the AuoTune EFX plug-in does appear in Audacity. Undoubtedly AutoTune is not fully compatible with Audacity.

MIDI input is needed in AutoTune and similar plug-ins for fine correction (like evening out pitches on a monotone).

You can try instead GSnap ( GVST - GSnap ) . Again, MIDI control will not work.

Or you can try Autotalent ( ). Note that web site is currently broken in Firefox - use Chrome or Internet Explorer instead.