another new fix for win7

okay - more audio answers here :

indicated there are bios settings in win7 pcs that need to be changed to fix certain audio problems

Did you forget the rest of the link?

i didnt have the link
just a reference to it

not hard for someone to add www and see what happens
which yields this

here is one entry into toms

here is where the home link goes from there is a massive web site that covers a huge range of subjects relating to computer hardware.
I agree that it is a good web site, but without something more specific is it any more useful than suggesting that people look on Google?

Perhaps a more directly relevant web link would be this?

your link is good for what it covers
i found realtek solutions at toms

search his site for your specific problem

as you said there is a lot there
which makes it a great resource
whatever type of pc problem you have