Another logo design (like there wasn't enough).

So here comes another logo design. I sent this logo to James Crook before even signing up for this forum, he wasn’t too happy with it but what do you think?

Thanks VvBb2222, they are certainly different from other suggestions.

I have uploaded a dark and a light version here so that I can link to them from the “Gallery” page.
Aud logo new.png
Aud logo new-dark.png

Fond memories :slight_smile:

I think it has potential. If you could make the headset look more like a headset it would be easier to recognize it. I like the colors you used. Easy to identify. But it does not look like a headset (to me at least).

Do you have more iterations or is this the last version you did? What if we tried to modernize the current logo just adding slight stroke and changing color slightly?

Thank you.