Annoying Buzzing Sound in Recording

I’ve been trying to use Audacity for a while now, and can’t get this annoying buzzing sound out of any of my recordings. I’ve tried Windows’ ‘recorder’ program and it’s there too.

I’ve done too much Googling, and tried too many things; I’d just like to remove this sound.

I’ve gone ahead & recorded the sound, maybe someone can identify it. My voice is clear as day over it, but during those pesky moments when I breathe in oxygen, it can be heard beneath my voice. And it’s LOUD when I’m not speaking.

(Keep in mind, I disabled all my microphones and just hit the record button for this recording. Definitely caused by the computer.)

EDIT: I’m not sure what’s needed for me to be lent a hand, but I can provide specs/other bits if needed. I REALLY need this problem fixed.

You should take that sound file and play it on something else.


Something else?

As in, another program, or another PC?

The noise in that file is not loud. All computers record with noise.

Connect the equipment you want to record with and press the Record button in Audacity. Start singing, playing or speaking after a couple of seconds with the red recording meter peaking at -6 dB. Breathe in several times if the noise that upsets you occurs then. Export as WAV and upload that file to the same place.

Tell us what microphone or equipment you recorded that with, and how that equipment is connected to the computer.


Another PC. I didn’t hear anything even remotely like what you were describing. Koz

I can hear a low level hiss - much less than I get when recording from my laptop’s internal sound card.