Announcer sound effect

Hi guys,
I want to produce something that sounds like this :
What tools do I need to use to achieve this effect?


That is a synthetic voice created with a “text to speech” program. There are many text to speech programs (and on-line converters). Some are free and some cost $'s. Use your favourite search engine to find one with a voice that you like at a price that you like. Search term: “text to speech”

There’s a stereo-effect on that which goes from very-wide to normal and back …

''man the Leviathan ''.gif
stereo-butterfly (with LFO) is a similar effect, (you’ll need to make the voice wide pseudo-stereo first).

And you can do something like that with the Audacity tools.

You need to start with a stereo track. If you have a mono voice track, duplicate it and using the left-hand drop-down menu > Make Stereo Track.

Same menu > Split stereo track (not to mono) > Time Shift Tool > push the bottom track slightly to the right. Play it and make sure you didn’t overdo it.

Same menu > Make stereo track.

Effect > Echo. It’s easy to overdo that, too.

Anything past that is acting (or Text to Speech Program).


We still don’t have a You > Announcer tool. If the goal is transforming your voice, we can only do the effects parts, not the announcing parts.

That’s why Text To Speech is becoming so popular. Nobody needs to know how to read out loud.