Has anybody through of developing an analysis tool that looks at say a vocal track and compares it to a music trak for harmony or in the right Key or in tune say be a great tool for vocal training

You’re up against two different tools: AutoTune which forces you to be right whether you want to be or not, and the standard analysis tools which aren’t nearly as sensitive as recording the presentation and playing it back to your ears. A voice isn’t one single pitch. This is the analysis of one single piano note.

And voices can be even worse.


Thanks. understand your point about the complexibility of the human voice or notes. You might be familliar with the Playstation Game Sing Star what is going on with that, it seems to be able to measure pitch against the backing track and then scores it which is an anaylsis is a way. although this is done live ( as you sing)

Audacity has a feature for displaying pitch: