Analyze - "Label Sounds" Preset for LP cut finding

First time posting so hope this is in the correct forum/category.

Was using the old Sound Finder & Silence Finder but see the newer Label Sounds is recommended but I am having trouble configuring it and spend a lot of time moving/deleting the results.

Primary Activity - digitizing LPs — I am recording one side on a single session/track then the other side on a second track. I want to use “Label Sounds” to find the brief silent area between the LP cuts — it looks like this is about 0.33 to 0.35 seconds.

I haven’t found a good setting for the Label Sounds setup that works.

As a result, I find myself manually scanning the waveform, magnified, and I can visually see the 0 sound - then I “Generate” two seconds of silence and continue scanning to the next 0 sound (an actual break between cuts, not a “fade to zero.”

The next pass of the “Label Sounds” works - but now it has a full 2 seconds between the cuts to “find.”

I know there are Forum users with a lot of experience and would like to know what “settings/configuration” of the Label Sounds feature works best for you.

Last question - since I use both a Desktop and Laptop - is there a way to export the various settings/Presets from one copy of Audacity to another?


PS: I see a lot of Categories on the Forum - If I didn’t get this post in the right one, maybe someone will move it.

You know… Audio editing generally involves listening, and it helps if you can see the waveform (or if you can see the groves in the record). I wouldn’t fully-trust an automatic process.

The song-lengths are usually on the record or back cover so that should give you a clue to finding the end of the song. :wink:

I usually zoom-in to where I can see 5 or 10 minutes () or maybe less) and then I can usually see where one song stops and the next begins. Then I can zoom-in and get more precise, and I can listen to a short segment.

Personally, I don’t label the tracks… I select/highlight one song at a time and then File → Export → Export Selected Audio, one song at a time. Often, I’ll make it a little long on both ends, then import the tracks later for final trimming.

That’s an unusually short gap between songs. (I’ve had “live” records with no silence and some with no gaps.)

Have you viewed the help page in the manual? Label Sounds - Audacity Manual
Read through the control descriptions first, then see the “Tips” section.

Well, I will admit these were not the responses that I expected from users on a help forum.

  1. Yes, I know editing audio “generally involves listening” and yes, I know an automatic process would not be fool-proof ----- but it sure would be a starting place since this “new, more accurate” tool is touted as being much better than the previous plug-ins.

  2. Yes, I did read the help page in the manual and yes, I did read the “Tips” section, too, before posting a request for configuration suggestions.

What I was asking was for users with experience using the new “Label Sounds” (more robust and more accurate) for their suggestions for configuration settings, especially for finding cut separation on vinyl LPs …based on the responses so far, maybe this Plug-in isn’t very popular or …well, I don’t know, too early in its introduction for anyone to have much experience that they are willing to share.

If “Label Sounds” is the wrong tool for what I am trying to accomplish, just let me know.

Or, I definitely posted in the wrong category on the forum - my fault.

Your original question is difficult to answer. We can’t tell you what the optimal settings will be because it depends on your audio, and we don’t know exactly what problem you are having. It may help if you post a screenshot of the settings that you are using, and a screenshot of the audio + generated labels.

Avoid asking multiple questions in the same topic.

This category is fine for your question about labelling a vinyl recording.

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