Analyze Antique Mechanical Clocks for proper Timing and Operations…

First, with your open source code do I have permission to edit the function of your program ? Need the ability to move or create a new starting time line to count the spacing of a clocks Tick-Tock. Will run a clock for @ 6 hours and determine a host of operations, have confirmed most all individual operations and now need to string together for a fully functional program. Has anyone use your program to Analyze information ? Need to be able to detect and find patterns of a clock running, count teeth to determine damage and wear. We are some old time programmers who have some time on our hands…

Yes, you can modify open-source code.

Here is the license information.

If you distribute a modified version, you have to publish your code and it becomes open source.

I believe the main restriction is that the Audacity logo is trademarked.

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