Analysis: Sliding windowing with fft capability

Hello fellows,

As stated in the topic, need help with this.
What I am working on is analysing, which includes calculation of speech flatness mean, fft and threshold of volume for the time being.
Is there anywhere I can pick up the Nyquist language, am only familiar with c, c++, c#, python, ladder logic and js.
Or there are plugin like this which I can modify to fix my purpose.

Thank you, any help to get me rolling would be appreciated.
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FFT is available in Nyquist, but not often used, probably because it is one of the more advanced / difficult features, and it is not very fast.
There’s a tutorial in the standalone Nyquist documentation, which I have attached (extract the contents of the ZIP file and open the HTML file in your web browser): (10 KB)

Hey Stevie,

Thank you for your reply.

The article you uploaded is pretty good reference.
Will update when I am done.

Thank you.

I’m sure there’s some additional information about OOP with Nyquist, but I can’t find it at the moment (I’m probably looking in the wrong place :wink: )
I’ll post a link if / when I find it.
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There’s some info about OOP in the XLisp manual:
and also this article: DSP in Lisp