Analysing Volume [SOLVED]

i’m looking for a way to find the minimum, maximum and average volume of a track. I already find the displayform “Waveform (dB)” for tracks, but i need exact values. Is this possible in audacity?
I want to compare two tracks and analyse which one is louder/how much louder (%)


Maybe someone else knows of something closer to what you’re looking for, but at this link, you’ll find a tool that shows the peak amplitude. You can manually compare the peak amplitude of two files to see which is louder and by how much, but it can’t automatically compare multiple tracks and display an analysis.

There is a plug-in called [u]stats.ny[/u], but I think it can analyze only a short selection and not a whole song.

Use Analyze → Contrast to get the Rms values (i.e. the average “volume”) for either fore- and background or two individual tracks.

The maximum is the peak and can be seen via “Amplify” (change the sign in the displayed value). Use it on only one track at a time and press escape after you’ve read the proposed value.

Contrast has a limitation that it cannot analyze stereo tracks. You would need to use the Track Drop-Down Menu to split the stereo track.


Thanks everyone, Analyze->Contrast worked good.