Analog microphone

Hello :
I’m newbie at recording using my MacBookPro (mid-2008) computer.
I’ve tried to use my analog condenser mic : AKG-C1000S (9V battery-powered) connected to line-in of MBP but couldn’t record any signal at all !
Does it mean I’ve to buy some kind of gear before I can use my analog mic for recording ?
Thanks for help.

The mic needs to be plugged into a “mic” input, not a “line” input. The difference is that a mic input is about a thousand times more sensitive than a line input.
I don’t understand why you posted to the Windows forum. I presume that was an error so I’ll move it to the Mac OS X forum.

Hi Steve :

I’ve dual OS in my MBP and running Audacity in Win-7.
My MBP (mid-2008) don’t have mic in (only headphone and line in port) so no choice; have to use line in port.
Could you please follow up my question, thanks.


Assuming you have selected the correct recording device in Device Toolbar then yes you will need a mic input.

An XLR to USB cable also won’t give you enough power because those are meant for dynamic mics, so get a USB interface with an XLR input, such as This is the proper solution that will give you a balanced input.

You may be able to find a USB adaptor with a TS mic input, though most of these adaptors are TRS mic inputs such as If your existing cable plugged into the Mac is TRS you could try that little adaptor but you are still better to spend more money on an interface.


PreSonus AudioBox USB

That’s a stereo device and produces a stereo show with a single microphone on Left or Right depending on where you plug it in. Some audio adapters allow you to connect as a mono device and all’s well. Some don’t and you forever need to convert a recorded track from stereo to mono to use it.

Does anybody actually have an AudioBox?


The legacy way to do that is a full but small sound mixer.

The illustration shows connection to a Windows machine. The Mac version doesn’t need that little USB adapter in the middle. It plugs straight into the Stereo Line-In.

That will produce a full-on stereo show with your voice on both sides and will accept any XLR microphone type—up to four.


We quite often recommend the ART Dual Pre which is a similar interface:

Steve suggested a relatively simple fix a while ago for devices where you have to record in stereo then split to mono and delete the redundant channel.


Another good one is the Focusrite 2i2, just a wee bit more (20 $), but also more recent design:

And for the bottom feeders out there, the UM2

I shot the last two or three voice tests with mine. I haven’t tried it, but the Direct Monitor button means it should be possible to overdub with this just like the certified UCA202, only with a microphone instead of Stereo Line-In.


Found no clue from web that my MBP (mid-2008) line in was equipped internal analog to digital converter; so I realized I’ve to add an audio interface between my AKG mic and MBP ??

internal analog to digital converter

It is and it’s perfectly lovely. But it’s high volume stereo, not low volume mono. It’s suitable for connecting a sound mixer or cassette player, not a microphone.

We have been describing to you several different ways of getting your microphone into the computer by adding a microphone booster and USB adapter.

Behringer UM2
Focusrite 2i2
PreSonus AudioBox USB
ART Dual Pre

Scroll up the messages for descriptions. Post back with any questions.