An eerie echoing voice starts when I start recording, without any "real sound input"


I am trying to resolve this problem since this morning. I used audacity earlier without any problem regarding recording sound. Today when I started to record an echoing sound started to intensify without me talking or anything that could emit noises. Just an eerie noise, like when you interference with a mixer and a microphone. I haven’t used the program since last autumn, did not change settings so the whole thing is odd.
I attach a sound recording. This is what happens:(upload://olQwHImIJnIwzIq8thE4AavzfHb.jpeg)

This is how it looks.

This is normal “feedback”. Your settings tell the program to record from the microphone and play the sound via internal speakers. As there always comes some sound from the speaker (some noise), this is amplified all the time…

Disable the “playthrough” option in Audacity or select a different input source instead of the microphone or disable the internal speakers for sound-out.

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The “playthrough” option is now under Transport (menu) > Transport Options > Enable audible input monitoring. Make sure it is not checked.

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