an 'Audacity Meter' with CBS and/or: LUFS, RMS-BS1770

I have noticed that perceived loudness varies in relation to RMS, so I also use dpmeter4 which has LUFS and RMS-BS1770 [sometimes RMS is closer to my perceived desired loudness (eg -9.5 db), sometimes RMS-BS1770 is; none is ‘spot’ always];
some say: ‘Orban’s free loudness meter … CBS algorithm… is more psychoacoustically correct then any of the LUFS based techniques’ [ ] but it doesn’t work inside Audacity eg for measuring a selection loudness, so I haven’t used it [it measures a whole song or gives real time readings but not usefull for selections while editing].

So the suggestion to please add to ACX plugn [or to a similar ‘Audacity Meter’] all or some of:

1* CBS if Orban gives permission/help
2* LUFS [independent for left and right; dpmeter4 gives a sum of both channels], [which gives a very similar value to]:
3* RMS [with this dpmeter4 parameters]: ‘RMS MODE’=‘SUM’, ‘OFF SET’=Off, ‘weight filter’=BS1770, [in dpmeter4 one has to do extra clicks to view Left and Right independently, so the ‘Audacity Meter’ could show left, right, and the sum all at once…]
[‘OFF SET’ Off is closer in value to regular RMS of ACX Check plugin, so more useful to compare],

ACX Check has already a weighted ‘(A)’ RMS, so maybe adding a RMS-BS1770 is the easiest of the 3.

Besides convenience vs extra clicks using dpmeter4 [and miss of a maybe better CBS], this is also because none dpmeter4 or Orban meter have Linux versions [can they be used there?]
[i reaaally want to move to Linux, i don’t care about Office, Adobe etc, but it’s also things like this or eg screenshot apps that sadly are better in Windows…]


The [u]ACX requirements[/u] are not determined by Audacity. It would be bad if Audacity deviates from the actual requirements.

I’m not talking about changing ACX requirements [-9.5db (aprox for each left and right) was an example of my use, not a suggestion], but about adding more measurings to the plugin [viewing it as a multi-purpose plugin, beyond it’s original for audiobooks, so i guess a more general name for the plugin would be more precise if it’s not used only for that but also for editing music -as i do and i guess others too-, something like ‘Audacity Meter’;

so i’m going to change the title of the topic from ‘ACX: add CBS and/or: LUFS, RMS-BS1770’ to ‘an ‘Audacity Meter’ with CBS and/or: LUFS, RMS-BS1770’]

There’s plans for a new built-in LUFS / RMS normalize tool. It won’t be in the next release of Audacity as the next version is mostly about refactoring the code base, but I’m hoping that it will be in the version after that.

I forgot the link [which can’t be used inside Audacity, but seems it’s CBS is better than LUFS].