AMR format: Where to download FFmpeg?

Hi Developers and all!

AMR nowaday is a standard voice recording format for mobile phone

I frequently do voice recording simply by using my mobile phone
→ but face some common problems such as low recording volume and high background noise issues when amplified
→ and at the same time, can handle voice with normal volume (such as those voice from me while I am near my mobile phone) for some particular moment in the same recording
→ so it would be great if there is a plugins that can do these 3 simple jobs automatically

According to:
→ I am intended to use FFmpeg library for the above purpose, and tried to download the “FFmpeg Import/Export Library” from:
→ but errors
→ so what is the correct URL for me to download FFmpeg library?

Thanks for any kind of help!

Obviously the link from the Audacity manual is dead. :frowning:

The official way: To download the FFmpeg installer for Windows go to and from that page download the “FFMpeg Binary compatible with Audacity 1.3.13, 2.x or later on Windows”.

The current version of the FFMpeg installer is FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows.exe, but no guarantee that this direct link will work, and the FFMpeg version will surely change at any time in the future. If this direct download link doesn’t work use the “official way” above.

  • edgar

Thanks edgar-rft!
→ Everything done!