Amplifying LEFT channel only - setting Gains

I’ve been recording steaming audio, and recently in one feed, the LEFT channel is weak. It needs ~24 dB of amplification after recording. I can not figure out a way to isolate and apply “Amplify” to the LEFT channel only. Also there doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust Gain (or Rec level) for individual L & R channels, and there are no sliders in my Volume control panel.



Use the drop-down menus to the left of the track and Split Stereo Track. Same menus to recombine when you’re finished. Are you completely sure the low level side of the show is actual show and not just quiet trash? You can use the SOLO and MUTE buttons after you split the tracks to listen. If it really is trash, you can delete it and duplicate the one remaining track and make “fake stereo” that way, or you can convert the one channel left to Mono and it will play to both left and right anyway, and take up half the data storage.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’ve found the SPLIT TRACK function and can do that, then select (yellow frame) the LOW channel, but cannot AMPLIFY the one low split track. Every time, BOTH channels get amplified. If i close the Good channel, THEN the LOW channel can be AMPLIFY’d. It’s rather awkward. Is rthere a separate L & R GAIN slider for recording?

Will check out the SOLO and MUTE buttons.

BTW, the LOW channel isn’t trash, just low. Have recovered channels that were 39 - 40 dB low with good results!

Otherwise Love this app!


After you split them apart, select one track by clicking just above MUTE. The tools and filters should only affect that one track.


You may not need to split the track. Try applying the Normalize effect and tick the “Normalize stereo channels independently” box:

Thanks again. Was able to Adjust gain after SPLITTING on the LEFT channel only… by double-clicking that channel, which basically ‘selected’ the entire waveform of the single channel. So it amplifies anything that is selected apparently. :wink:

Also thanks to Steve for the tip. It will take some time to learn all the features.