Amplify or attenuate one channel only.

There would be a way to perform adjustments in stereo channels independently. That is, the left and right side with different volumes? I looked in the additional plugins directory and found the aplr.ny plugin, it looks like it is no longer available.


There’s a Nyquist plug-in called “Channel Mixer”. It is available here:
Installation instructions are here:

Hi Steve!

Thanks, you guys are really the best!

I followed his teaching and everything worked out, even this plugin has several very useful settings.

I’m dedicating the most to studying Audacity, but I have a lot to learn.

This procedure of leaving the stereo channels with different volumes, could it also be carried out converting the file into two mono tracks, making the adjustments and then going back to stereo again?

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Yes, that’s the other way to do it.
Splitting and joining tracks is described here in the manual:

Personally I find the “Channel Mixer” to be more convenient.