Amp Sims with Audacity?

Hello folks,
I’m having some issues with using an amp sim with Audacity. Ordinary effects load fine. But the amp sims I have do not.

Can anyone tell me if Audacity can use amp sims?

I assume these must be 32 bit sims, correct?

I’m running version 2.3.3 on Windows 10.

Thanks for your help.

Audacity for Windows is 32-bits and any plug-ins have to be 32-bit. And, no effects work in real-time in Audacity. They have to be applied after recording.

Beyond that it will depend on the particular effect. With most commercial effects, the provider will give a list of officially supported hosts. If Audacity isn’t listed it may still work. (It’s rare that Audacity is officially supported, and I assume that’s because most Audacity users don’t want to pay for plug-ins.)

With free effects it’s usually hit-or-miss because there is very little budget for testing & debugging.

Yes: 32-bit, and not VST3 nor VSTi.

Voxengo’s free amp sim Boogex works in Audacity on Windows.

Thanks, guys. I loaded Boogex and it works fine. However I noticed that part of the plugin face is grayed out. The two input areas where the user can load cabinets and/or effects are grayed out and fixed at only one choice. Anyone familiar with the plugin and how to add different speakers and effects to Boogex?

Thanks again for your help.

Click on the Hamburger button on the bottom left corner of the Boogex GUI to see the factory presets …

Thanks, Trebor.
It’s interesting that even if I select a different cab or effect, the grayed out wording in the input boxes still do not change, despite the fact that a different item is loaded. Not a problem, they are probably just saving resources.

Thanks again!

The enable buttons remove the greyed-out state for me …
enable buttons.png

Unfortunately mine doesn’t have “Enable” buttons. Beats the heck out of me. When all else fails, it’s time to read the manual…

Mine is version 2.3.0 , VST (not VST3) …

v2-3-0 VST.png

Mine is v 3.1. Downloaded it yesterday.