Am I Doing This Right?

RMS normalized to -18dbs then Normalized to -3.1. If I normalize any louder, your RMS Level will pass but you will fail the -3db max requirement.

That’s now how the suite is written.

It’s rumble filter (Low Rolloff) to keep metrobusses and trucks from affecting the work. Then RMS Normalize with the setting at -20, not -18. Then it’s the standard Audacity Limiter with the posted settings—again, not factory values.

If you do that and you have a microphone even close, it will force you into technical conformance.

That could be why you’re getting different results.

The second page of that publication is what happens if you just don’t pass noise. You’re right in your comments. Noise kills you and it’s a pretty common failure, particularly if you don’t make good volume during a reading.