always freezing up- Ubuntu STudio 16.04

weird. yes this was built from source. I have previously posted about the reasons why I had to install the alpha build…I’ll put links to some of the previous threads.

above was affecting mostly my debian based distro but this one is Ubuntu studio and has similar problems. I have also noted that the past week or 2 weeks I had gotten an update for audacity on a daily basis. either running apt-get update/upgrade or initiated by Ubuntu software updates app. I keep seeing what appears to be the same build offered as upgrade or update when this happens.

My devices are connected. It was previously showing the device box in the menu bars. That only disappeared after one of the aforementioned “updates”. It does sound very similar to the PulseAudio issues you mentioned. I’ll take a look at that issue. I really notice it when I let is sit idle with a project loaded for more than 5 min or so. Go to start playing or whatever and find out its frozen. Does freeze very often after it stops playing a file, usually the very next button I’ll hit will freeze everything up.
deviceinfo.txt (3.91 KB)
Screenshot from 2016-06-23 06-21-13.png