Alternative to Windows 10

Good day,
I’ve been using Audacity for years.
I’m on a Windows 7 laptop, but feel like it’s time to move on.
The logical alternative is Windows 10. I am however worried that with Windows 10 updating all the time, the it will in the end become too slow, to record music with.
Are the any other alternatives? Is there an Audacity for Chrome OS?

There is not Audacity for Chrome OS, but there is Audacity for Mac (macOS) and Audacity for Linux.

Audacity works OK on Windows 10, provided that the computer is high enough spec to run Windows 10 well. Having said that, I mostly work on Linux but for testing purposes I sometimes use Windows. I find the amount of time I waste waiting for Windows 10 updates to install extremely annoying, to the point where I wonder why anyone puts up with it. Also, I find that Audacity (and other apps) is noticeably sluggish on Windows compared to Linux.

Note that unlike Windows and macOS, there are many different versions (“distributions”). Some are much more beginner friendly than others. Some are much better on older hardware than others. Some are much more “Windows-like” than others. Online support for Linux is generally very good, though for people that aren’t very technical it can be useful if you know someone that uses Linux and is willing to help if you get stuck (as it is when starting with Windows 10, but there’s a lot more Windows 10 users than Linux users).

Tx for your answer Steve.

You can have the best of both worlds: run Linux OS from a memory-stick plugged into your laptop
and leave your Windows 7 as is (on the hard-drive). Then have copies of Audacity on Windows & Linux.
(Linux is faster on the same hardware).

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