Alternating sound from left to right

Hey guys,

I have not downloaded Audacity yet, but would like to know whether I can use the software to apply the following effect:

Alternating the sound of music files (.mp3) from the left to right speaker simultaneously throughout the duration of the track.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated,

Kind regards


I can think of a way to do that manually, although I’m sure you wanted a single button push.

Assume you have an existing stereo show.

Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.
Edit > Duplicate.

That will give you two matching sound tracks one above the other. The top track will eventually be Left and the bottom Right. Drag-select portions of either track and silence them with Command-L. The show will leap to the opposite track.

Continue hacking up the tracks as needed and then at the end make the project back into a stereo show:

Drop-down menu to the left of the top track > Make Stereo Track.
File > Export.

You are warned that if you make another MP3 sound file out of the first one, the MP3 compression damage will increase. Your show may be honkier and bubblier than you want. You can avoid that by making a WAV file instead.


Also there are some Nyquist plug-ins that do panning and channel allocation here: .

To install Nyquist plug-ins see .