Alter Length of Arrow Key Seek when stopped

Hello all!

I would like to alter the length of seek when using arrow keys when stopped. Ideally, I would be able to set Arrow Seek to go by milliseconds, but would preserve the ability to cursor highlight down to the sample.

One alternative solution would be to set my Snap amount at the bottom of the Audacity UI to milliseconds. If there is a hotkey to toggle Snap state on and off, I would be able to achieve my ultimate goal of only using the mouse to highlight a selection and not to seek.

How can I achieve this? Thank you so much for your help!

By default, the cursor moves one pixel per arrow key. The quickest way to change the amount of zoom may be to simply zoom in or out.

However, as you suggest, you can set it snap to the nearest millisecond or sample. See Extra Menu: Cursor - Audacity Manual and Extra Menu: Selection - Audacity Manual. Note that the “Extra” menu appears when you do View > Extra Menus. Also note that generally you can assign a custom shortcut to any main menu item.

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