Allen & Heath Xone 42 not recording

Hi guys
I have recently downloaded Audacity, using Windows 10. I have connected my Allen & Heath Xone 42 to my Toshiba L50 C laptop via USB. I have selected the Allen & Heath as the recording device both on the laptop and on Audacity, and both recognise it as the recording device being used. I am then using MME as the host. However, when I record, nothing is being picked up from the mixer?

Any ideas? Thanks guys.

Are you guaranteed the show is going down the USB lines? Windows control panels have little bounding light sound meters. Are they getting the show?


I’m not familiar with Windows, but I’ve seen a couple of A&H mixers. I seem te recall the Windows drivers are ASIO and Audacity doesn’t do ASIO.

So I’m wondering if these work with MME, or WASAPI, at all.

The manual for the Xone:42 is here: Resources - Allen & Heath
There are no additional drivers for the Xone:42.
The manual says:

USB for Recording
Connect your Xone:42 to your computer using a standard Type A to B USB lead. Open your chosen
music recording software, ensuring that ‘USB Audio CODEC’ is selected as the sound recording device.
You can then send your mix to your computer by connecting Record Out to USB In.

Ensure that your Xone:42 is connected to the computer and recognised as a recording device by Windows (look in the Windows Sound Control Panel) before you launch Audacity.
If you launch Audacity first, you will need to “Rescan audio devices” (“Transport menu”).