ALL the audio suddenly disappearing!

Alright this is a new error…

Basically, what happened was I saved all my work after working on it for a good 5-6 hours.
When I opened the .aup file the next day, all of my tracks were still there, but there was
NO audio on any of the tracks.
All of my original audio files are still in the same location, so I didn’t move them, change their
names, or delete them.

Also, I was originally working with Stereo tracks, but when I opened the file the next day,
all of the tracks were suddenly converted mono tracks. (With no audio on any of the tracks,

I’m using Windows 7, 64bit, and JUST upgraded to 2.0.

So what happened? Am I missing something that’s VERY obvious, and I’m just being an idiot? =)
If you need any more info, just let me know. Thanks!


It would have been a very good idea to have exported it as a WAV file so you have a backup. Always good practice.

Do you mean you had a stereo track and you now have two tracks that say “mono” in its place?

I would check you have selected the correct playback device in Device Toolbar, look at File > Check Dependencies to see if any files are marked “MISSING” and click Help > Show Log… and use Log > Save… to save a copy of the log. You can attach the log using “Upload attachment” underneath where you post your replies.


Looks like I was wrong. Turns out, all my stereo tracks are still stereo tracks.
My bad.

And yeah, I really should have exported a WAV just for safety.

Also, I went into File > Check Dependencies, and it just said,
“Your project is self contained, it does not depend on any external audio files.”

0_o Odd, isn’t it? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the help, by the way.

Supposing you select a bit of the track and Effect > Amplify (use the default values). Does the waveform reappear at a listenable volume, or does the waveform disappear and a flat line appear in its place instead? If a flat line, Audacity cannot consistently read the drive the files are on. In that case please provide a copy of Help > Show Log… as suggested above.

If the waveform is still there after Amplify then I assume it to be a playback problem. Select the correct output device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar or unmute it/turn its volume up in the “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel.


Well that’s the thing, there’s NO audio to work with. There’s not even a flat line where the audio should be.
Just empty stereo tracks.

I selected a portion of a track and used amplify on it, as you suggested, but nothing happened.
Also, the Help > Show Log has NOTHING in it. Even after I tried to apply effects to the tracks.

The output device is correct, the sound is up on my system, and no tracks are muted and or solo-ed.

I should also mention that the file size of the .aup is only 3k, which is way to small considering how many tracks
it contains. PLUS, the data file is empty.

There must have been some kind of problem that occurred during the save…

It seems so. You could have been struck by this:
Missing features - Audacity Support .

In this case, possibly some kind of corrupt saving of the project or saving one project as another. Did you create this project originally in 2.0.0 or in some previous version of Audacity? DId you have other projects open at the same time (or at least open in an Explorer window)? If so, see if those projects have the audio that should be in this one.

Help > Show Log should not be empty unless you cleared it. It should have debug messages about the FFmpeg and LAME libraries.

Feel free to attach the .aup file (“Upload attachment” underneath where you post messages).