All speaker sounds are echoey!!


First time user of Audacity, been trying to record sounds coming from the speakers of the PC.

After a bit if trial and error i have set the Audio Host to Windows WASAPI and the Recording device to Stereo Mix (after enabling as a microphone). Whilst this does now record when I click record, all sounds that are coming from the speakers are echoey and therefore useless. This is also the case when I am not using Audacity.

Is there a setting that I am missing as if I turn the microphone off I cant record and if I disable the speakers I cant hear anything or record.


Then it’s Windows audio enhancements you need to turn off. (and/or similar enhancements)

Turn OFF [u]Software Playthrough[/u] whenever recording soundcard output. It creates a feedback loop.

Also, “Loopback” generally gives you a better result than “Stereo Mix”. See [u]Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u].