Aligning rhythm instruments with click track?

I use Audacity to tweak single-instrument tracks, then import into Reaper for mix. I’m trying to build a simple 3/4 rhythm song, so far with a melodica and bass. Drums ‘n’ stuff later. In the attached screen shot with melodica on top, it doesn’t have clear attack for each chord. So I’ve done an OK aligning with the click track in the middle. I’m wondering about the line-in bass on the bottom. Maybe it’s wiser to align all the bass “attack” peaks with each click? Suggestions? (And no I don’t know what’s going on with the DC offset.)

Possibly nothing. Waveforms do not have to be symmetrical and bass notes often are not.
If you use the DC offset correction option in the Normalize effect (with “Normalize To” de-selected) and the waveform is unchanged, then there is no DC offset (just an asymmetrical waveform).

You could create a label track with labels positioned at each beat, then align your notes to the labels.
There is a plug-in for creating labels on each beat hear: Beat Per Minute labels - #13 by steve

Steve, I’ve never used that bpm plug-in, but I downloaded it and will try it.

Thanks for letting me know some instruments esp. bass can go asymmetrical. Wave forms I’ve seen in the past were entire songs, so any asymmetrical forms probably got buried.