"Align tracks" question

I am using Windows 10 and version of Audacity.
I have read and re-read posts from three years ago about aligning numerous recorded tracks (each track is one song) “end-to-end” so that the final file can combine many songs on one CD. So far, this is the process I understand to use is:

All tracks
Align tracks

At this point there are about a dozen choices and I’ve tried them all and don’t get the results I want.

FYI, I’m trying to digitize hundreds of 45s on as few CDs as possible. Thank you.

That’s a very old version. I don’t think it has “Align end to end”.
The current version is 2.2.1 and is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

With the current version:

  1. Ctrl + A (select All)
  2. Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End
    (Tracks Menu: Align Tracks - Audacity Manual)