Align a Drum beat track to a click track

Hi, on a multi track recording I need to adjust a drums track to fit a click track. Firstly, I’m not a good drummer so some of the beats are noticeably out of alignment with the click track. I’ve tried selecting the drum track and cutting small sections out but it also cuts the same parts of the other tracks which i want untouched. I can’t find a help or tutorial for it, can anyone help please? Thanks.

Oh, and I don’t mean the “Time Shift” facility, i would like to cut and/or add small individual pieces in between some of the drum beats to match the clicks. Thanks.

Make me a drummer?

We need you perform a song. It’s in 7/8 time. Syncopated.

I think that’s Punch-In. Select the track so the others aren’t affected and go.

Post back how it went.


  1. Ensure that “Sync Lock” is NOT enabled (bottom of “Tracks” menu).
  2. Ensure that you ONLY select the track that you want to edit (See:

Koz, thank you. I can see how it would add to the track but I can’t understand how to take something away. Dare I say Just Cut (and not paste?) I.E., If my drum beat is a fraction late i would need to cut a piece out to the left of the drum beat, or am I missing something?

Thank you Steve that works a treat. Saved me a lot of re-recording. :smiley:

Which fixed it? 1 or 2?