'Algorythm not effective on this audio' message

I have been capturing some VHS tapes to PC, (Win10). Unfortunately the VCR is dodgy in the sound department so I get lots of clicking in the output file. I have tried splitting off the audio from the video and then imported it to Audacity, (3.4.2). Sadly I always get the above message when I try to use the Click Removal filter. I have tried using WAV and MP3 audio files. Audio files taken from records to not get this same response. Can someone tell me why this is happening, and whether there’s any other approach I can take to get rid of the clicks?

I don’t know what that message means but I’d guess that Audacity is not finding the clicks, or the clicks are too numerous and/or close together than it can’t fix them…

There is also a Repair effect, which is manual and also has some limitations, or as a “last resort” you can zoom-in and manually re-draw the waveform.

There are special purpose programs for removing clicks & pops from digitized viny records. Wave Repair ($30 USD after free trial) can do an audibly perfect job of removing most (but not all) clicks & pops from vinyl. I’ve also used it a few times for files that weren’t digitized vinyl. But it’s manual so you have to find & select the defects one-by-one and it can take me most of a weekend to fix-up an album. The good part is that it only “touches” the audio where you identify a defect. (It only works with 44.1kHz or 48kHz WAV files.)

Wave Corrector is FREE and it’s automatic, but I don’t have as much experience with it.

Izotope Rx is a professional (not free) suite of audio repair tools.

I think I may have figured it out. If I load the audio track into NCH’s WavePad it tells me the audio has a DC shift and if I opt to remove the shift, the clicks also disappear, which says to me that the USB converter is causing a volume hike & the clicks are volume overload.

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