Alesis Multimix 12 Firewire

I just upgraded my firewire drivers for my Alesis Multimix 12 and now the only recognizes the first 8 tracks. When I click on the WDM settings, there are only the first 8 tracks, but all 12 inputs are listed to map these to.

So after looking around Alesis’ site I found the following. I saw when you go to documents and downloads on Alesis’ support site and then click on Mixers → Firewire → Multimix 12 firewire it takes you to a site that shows the Multimix 12 but then has multimix 8 manuals and other info about the multimix 8. When clicking on the latest firewire update ( thinking your getting a firewire update for the multimix 12, it’s actually for the 8. I’ve looked all over Alesis’ site for the firewire multimix 12 page and can’t find it.

When I start to record in Audacity, I can only record 8 tracks. It doesn’t give me an option with the firewire driver to record all 12 tracks. It sees the tracks, it just doesn’t allow Audacity to see them and put WDM info on them.

Has anybody else run into this issue?

Does anybody have a direct download to the Alesis Multimix 12 firewire drivers that recognize all 12 tracks for recording via Audacity?