Album Recorded Using Audacity

Hi, I could not figure out how to put this up on the " Created using Audacity " page so am posting it here.

This is my Album of Traditional Irish Music which I recorded using Audacity. There are 3 Free Tracks available to download.

Moved to the “making music” board.
Unfortunately I was not able to hear your tracks because the preview does not work (tested in Firefox) and the “free downloads” require registration with cdbaby.

Hi Steve, iv’e just checked the preview tracks option for my Album on cd baby and it’s working fine.
As regards the 3 free downloads, I could if you prefer post a link to download them from Google Drive ??

Still not working here. Perhaps the embedded player is Windows only?

If you have space on Google drive then you are welcome to post a link. We much prefer that “free downloads” really are “free” and available to all (as is the case with Audacity) :wink:

Free Tracks download from Google Drive

Recorded using Audacity.

Works here, with Chrome on Mavericks…

Works for me :slight_smile:

Did you know that we also have a SoundCloud group for things made with Audacity?

Yes, thanks.