alarm sound

I’m trying to create a sound file that is like an alarm. I wanted to generate tone, say around 500mhz and then have it go up to 900 and repeat. I’m thinking this should be easy and I’m probably overlooking something but need help.
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I don’t think you really mean “500mhz” - perhaps 500 Hz?

You can create a single rising tone using “Generate > Chirp”
The generated tone can then be repeated by selecting the generated tone, then applying “Effect > Repeat”.

I don’t think you really mean “500mhz”

I can’t hear that high any more. I’m too old.


Hahaha, yes I was mixing projects. Although maybe I could make a dog alarm at 500 mhz.

I appreciate the help, that will work perfect.


I believe there is a tremolo effect you can also use. Generate a tone, and use these settings:

Waveform type-Square
Starting Phase-0
Wetness level- 100
Frequency- 2-10

“Tremolo” is a variation in amplitude. I think you mean “Vibrato” (which is a variation in pitch/frequency).
There is a Temolo/Vibrato effect (capable of producing both Tremolo and Vibrato effects) available here: