AIFF not appearing in export menu

For some reason, AIFF no longer appears as an option in my audio export menu. I am currently using Audacity 2.3.2. In previous versions, I could export audio as AIFF with no problem. I have tried deleting and reinstalling Audacity, and following the “Reset Audacity Settings on Windows” instructions. Neither resolved the problem. Any suggestions?

“File menu > Export > Export Audio”
then select “Other compressed types” as the file format.
Then select “AIFF” as the “header” and “signed 16-bit PCM” as the “encoding”.

In most cases I would recommend WAV format rather than AIFF because 16-bit WAV is the de facto standard for PCM audio and is supported by just about everything.

Bingo! Thanks, Steve – that worked perfectly.

And yes, I totally agree that under normal circumstances, WAV files would be the way to go. Unfortunately, in this instance, I have a client who will only accept AIFF files, so I didn’t have that option.

Again, thanks for the speedy and helpful response!