AI style mid and high enhancer for voice recordings

howdy -
as you probably seen some previous posts, i am archiving sermon cassettes.
one year in particular, either the deck was dirty or they just had the eq off (leaning towards the dirty deck), there are no highs beyond 8k or so. is there a plug in or something to assist adding brightness, albeit artificial in nature?
it sounds decent - no worse than the original (bandwidth wise), just lacks brightness.
thanks, ya’ll. :slight_smile:

It’s not “intelligent” but try the Enhancer.ny plug-in.

Sometimes with bad audio it’s handy to have a written transcript while listening, or subtitles if there is video.

If it can’t do it yet, soon AI should be able to do something like speech-to-text-to-speech with a “clean” voice copying the original, or any voice you want… And of course, any language you want…

Head misalignment can also cause that. If the original deck had a single play/record head it would play back fine on the same machine and it might not have been noticed.

… I don’t miss analog! :wink:

thanks. i needed ye ole wayback to get that plug in page. tried it but could not help. church sound staff (unless well trained) are not known for doing basic maintenance. i know, i am one and trained - and sometimes forget. looking for offline captioning for > 15 min is hard. most of these sermons are 30-45 min.
in any case, thanks for getting back.

Treble boost (& maybe cut the bass)…

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