After School Special - Progressive Insurance Sound

You know the Progressive Insurance Commercial where Flo and the young guy are in the locker room. According to YouTube it’s the After School Special Commercial.
i Really love how the music in the background kind of drags and skips… reminds me of the 70’s and 80’s commercials.
My Question is… is there a way to reproduce that affect on any given track?? Could there be a Component Add-On that might be out there that can help me achieve this??
Or is this just way to crazy and stupid… and i should find something else to waste my time on???
Thanks for all the Help!!!, David, ThunderBoyDavid

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with All Updates
Audacity v2.1.0
.exe Installer

I changed your title a little to make it a little less like you’re trying to sell insurance on the forum. Good thing I read your post.
Koz ?

“random pitch modulation” plug-in …

and/or a “vibrato effect” , (which cyclical, not random), …

Thanks for all the help!! i finally got all the plug-ins and other software and settings downloaded and saved… now all i need to do is pick out a really great song and try it out.
But first… does anyone know what a man can do to please a screaming wife that wants everything done her way and she wants it done right now.!!!
i need a Girlfriend…, Thanks for the Help… i will let You know how it turns out. Later, David, ThunderBoyDavid