After extensive search, I have to post this here...

I cannot find a location to ask questions about this forum.
My question is: How do I find my profile to make changes?
I am logged in but just don’t see the option to edit.

If you are fresh and new, you are still under moderation where a forum elf has to inspect and accept each one of your postings to make sure you’re not trying to sell us products or services. I believe once that period expires you will gain full access to your account. That is my belief.

I also believe you can never change your name.


Wow, I have been here at least since Jan 2013.
How long is this probation? (-:

Click on your name > User Control Panel?

I’m a forum elf, so my panels are going to be different from yours.


I don’t know about anyone else but I click on my name I get logged out.
Should I take a hint from this?

I was not looking for something called a “User Control Panel” but I guess I found what I needed there. When I looked at the Profile panel, it shows my old e-mail address. I went through the steps to update it and then it is reported that the eddress is already in use. I recheck the messages that I am receiving and they are going to the new e-mail account already.

Why is the control Panel/Profile still showing my old one?

The board I have moved this to is the best place to ask such questions.

When your post arrives on the Forum at once, without having to wait for an e-mail to say the post has been approved, then you are a standard “registered user”.


That should not happen. You can try the link “Delete all board cookies” at the bottom of any page if strange things happen.


Hey, even after clearing cookies, Upper right side, click my name, I get logged out.
Click on my name on one of my messages and I get to send myself a message.

I never considered a control panel to contain a profile but there it was.

Where exactly are you clicking? If you click “Log out [Emerogork2]”, it does what you asked.