Affirmations are gone after resampling, is there a way preserve them?

I have an off-brand voice recorder, it only records in 16-bit, 24000Hz sampling rate, wave files. Although it has only 1 mic it records stereo tracks. So I’m speaking and recording my own affirmations on this voice recorder and I’m opening this file in Audacity.

I use script found on this forum to make the affirmations subliminal, this script requires that the sample rate be 44100Hz, so I change the sample rate to that and make the affirmations subliminal but since my voice recorder doesn’t recognize the wave file with 32-bit 44100Hz sample rate, I’m forced down grade it to 24000Hz, but when I do this, the subliminal affirmations are gone.

How can I create affirmation subliminal for 16-bit, 24000Hz which will preserve the transformation from 32-bit 44100Hz?

That’s like asking, how do I fit a quart into a pint pot ?.

A device restricted a sample rate of 24000Hz to would be adequate to create the voice recordings for
so-called “silent subliminals”, (as they will effectively be downsampled to 8000Hz in the process),
but such a device is not capable of playing the 18kHz to 22kHz audio where the voice is shifted to.

[ 24000Hz sample rate => maximum audio frequency is 12kHz ].