ADX Trax Pro & Audacity plug-in question

Hey all,

Recently I discovered a great program for Mac only :frowning: called ADX Trax Pro.
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It claims it can isolate and/or remove* vocals from songs, even songs where effects like reverb have been added to the lead vocal.
This lead me to wondering if there is a plug-in for Audacity that works similar to this.
I enjoy creating “karaoke” versions of songs using vocal reduction software, and if there’s something that can actually remove the reverb as well as the lead vocal from a song, especially one that works in Audacity, I definitely want to try it! There are so many songs I’d love to turn into karaoke tracks but end up being unable to due to the effects added to the lead vocal. There aren’t that many companies producing tracks to current Christian hits.

Thanx for any help you can provide.

*(PS - I already know there is nothing that can actually remove lead vocals from a song, aside from being in the studio when the song is being mixed.)

I’d guess that is misleading advertising. There’s a lot of that on the Internet.

:confused: In that case I assume that you don’t believe the advert either, which makes me wonder what your question is about :confused:

Well I would like to see if there is anything out there for Audacity that might work similar to ADX Trax Pro. From the results I’ve heard online it does seem like it can remove reverb. I was wondering if there were any plug-ins that worked similarly to it, using algorithims.


I don’t think they can do it, either.

Removing vocals and reverb are the two constantly requested features, mostly because those two problems stand in the way of a lot of people producing good-sounding shows, podcasts, gamecap and audiobooks.

This clip will always sound like she was recording in the kitchen.


I don’t know steve. They were at Musikmesse 2016 and had a pretty convincing demo on a song with a lot of reverb. The software isn’t exactly cheap. It’s either 499$ for the Pro version or 33$ monthly for the “light” version. There is a youtube video of it, made by Sound On Sound:

And there’s this test by Audiofanzine, who are known for being independent and critical:

French only, sorry.

Their only complaints are that it is slow, not always intuitive and there isn’t always a “preview” function. But it’s better than Melodyne’s vocal isolation. And, of course, it still doesn’t work for all songs.

The song with vocal removed is less convincing:,m.474771.html

Another demo, audio only:

It also doesn’t do dialog, as it’s optimized for melodic vocals. But it still seems a step forward. Not a revolution, but at least evolution.

It’s still misleading advertising. But isn’t all advertising misleading?

One thing I’m noticing is that their samples are older songs. I would love to hear a sample of any reverb removed from a NEWER song. I have songs that have so much reverb and/or other effects added, any vocal that is supposedly “removed” will sound as if it’s still there.

ADX Trax Pro claims to have algorithms to remove reverb from songs. I would love to see a feature like this as a plug-in, in Audacity. After all, my experience has been that often for every $$$ program out there, there’s usually a freeware or donationware equivalent that can do the job just as well. :wink:

Good point cyrano, I didn’t realise that when Lvanett2 was asking if there was a plug-in for Audacity, he was referring to a highly complex $500’ish integrated vocal processing suite. I’ll refine my answer:

No there is no plug-in for Audacity that I’m aware of that can do what ADX Trax Pro can do, (and there is no plug-in for Audacity that can do what “Melodyne 4 studio” can do either).

Most of the high-end plugins don’t exist in freeware or even cheap versions. Cedar, Melodyne…

But for compressors, equalisers and most everyday-use plugins there are lots of options. Just a short list of what I’ve been trying out:

  • dpMeter
  • BeyerDynamicVS
  • UpStereo
  • TDR VOS SliqEQ
  • TDR Nova
  • TAL Reverb4
  • RoundTripAAC
  • MSED
  • Limiter No6
  • Kuassa basiQ
  • HRTFPanner
  • Bitter

All these are free.

My point was that ADX Trax Pro isn’t a “plug-in”, it’s a full blown production studio for vocal extraction. The idea is that you but ADX Trax Pro when you need more than vocal extraction plug-ins can do. Note that ADX Trax Pro is not a “click the OK button and it magically extracts the vocals” type program (watch all ten of the tutorials to get an idea of how much work is involved)

I’m actually a she. :wink: As in a not-so-dumb blonde who just happens to like fiddling around with Audacity. :laughing:

Just to clarify, I’m not looking for a plug-in that can do exactly what ADX Trax Pro can, only a plug-in that can remove (or reduce?) reverb from music with a lead vocalist. Free, pay, $$$. Hope I don’t sound like a moron for asking that.

Audacity comes with a plugin that can remove vocals. Have a look here:

I saw that, but couldn’t find a link to download it.

Also, I do have vocal removers and have used plug-ins too. I’m looking for anything that will reduce or remove any remaining reverb. Thank you!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can’t download it separately. It is available in Audacity 2.1.1 and Audacity 2.1.2 ( ).

You usually have to pay money for deverb plugins. Deverb is not easy to do.

Sometimes you can select a little bit of the reverb, open Noise Reduction, Get Noise Profile, select all the track, reopen Noise Reduction and experiment with very modest noise reduction. Do not expect miracles.


I have no problem paying for a deverb plug-in, depending on how expensive it is (like I might have to consider it more if it costs $100 or more)

SPL Deverb is 59$:

DeVerberate is 99.90$

Reverb Remover is 57€:

I’ve never tried any of these and I don’t know if they work with Audacity. Pro solutions that don’t do deverb, but could help ando lots of other stuff:

Waves Noise Surpressor, 499$:

Unveil, 379$:

Izotope RX5, 359$:

And most pro’s agree Unveil is the one to go for, unless you already own one of the others.

I tried that one years ago : it’s a-con [ geddit ].
[Acon’s free “Multiply” VST is good though ].

Another deverb method you can try for free in Audacity is centre isolation in Vocal Reduction and Isolation.


I don’t know. Never felt the need to deverberate :smiley:

I have seen professionals use some of these to lessen the pain. You can’t turn a cave recording into a studio recording, but you can at least mask the reverb enough to make a bad recording into a usable recording.

I usually have no problems with reverb or echo, since I mostly record outdoors and if an echo is present, it is part of the soundstage. It’s wind, car and plane noises I need to deal with mostly.

So it depends on what the problem is and what your goal is.

When treating already mixed and mastered music, YMMV wildly, of course, especially with recent music.