Advice wanted

Hi all, I have a tape which someone has asked me to put onto a CD. I can get the track into my laptop ok, the problem I have is with the recording itself.

I have a mostly level, albeit quiet recording, which I can deal with, but, every now and again, I get several chirps off a canary in the background, which blows the recording levels right out…

Is there any technique I can use to isolate these chirps, and either boost the other parts or reduce the gain of these chirps to match the rest of the recording?

I could do this manually and adjust the gain at selective points, but this could be time consuming, is there any other technique I could use?

OpenSuse 13.1 64-bit, Audacity 2.0.4

If the Chirps actually are much louder than the rest of the recording, try Pop Mute or Brickwall Limiter .

See for how to install Nyquist plug-ins.


If the chirps are much higher in pitch, it might also be possible to split the track using matching high-pass & low-pass filters, pass the high-pass portion through the compressor effect (or one of the other limiters), then recombine the tracks.

Thanks, I’ll look into these methods