Advice for beginner, Need Help

There is an artist really good in music and he wants me to record his music and release it to the public. I am good with computers but I never had any experience with audacity or music before. Currently I can record sound on my computer with a bit buzzing sound and can clear it almost compeletely through noise removal.

I need advice on how to record the most crystal clear sound as possible .(I already know about reducing external noises though different methods, the problem I get is buzzing sound.)
What tips , trick and function a person who wants to create music through audacity should know?
Like how to record in normal volume,
or the effects etc which are used in creating music.
or will having an external audio interface reduce the buzzing sound.?

Kindly help me The artist .I am helping is good , and I would like do the best possible recording that I can.

That’s just too broad.

The next longest posting on the forum was Bruno who wanted to record his acoustic guitar. That’s it. Weeks of postings and threads about how to do that. The longest posting was Ian who wanted to record his voice for an AudioBook. More weeks of forum threads.

I know it’s popular to think you can push a button and everything magically works, cellphones do a remarkable job at that, but actually recording a theatrical performance at home is rough to do.

Start with details. Your computer and who made it? Which operating system? Which microphone? How is it connected?

Microphone buzz can be a broken cable or something as odd as mis-wiring in your house electrical system.

What kind of artist if your friend? The microphones and techniques change a lot depending on what they do.


Lots of tips in this topic:

The artist is a teacher of my teacher. and he plays violin. He has been in many concerts and has played on television and radio several times. So you can imagibe his age and undersatnd why he asked for my help with computers.
I use linux, Micro phone is currently eastar eas wm 110. The buzzing sound is in the recording not really happening in real life.
I will have no problems with learning new software, the problem is I didnt have much knowledge about music a few days ago or audacity.
I have no idea which plugins or effects are commonly used on music recording or how the common problems with music recording are solved. A person experienced with audacity or music production should know the common problem fced and how to solve it.

The only thing that I could find on-line about that microphone, is that the bulk price from China is 50 cents US. If that’s the microphone that you have, then I would not expect great sound quality.

Do you have a budget for this project?

It is not possible to export and sell a for 50 cent.

I have a budget for about 400 dollor max currently will perfer to be done as cheap as required.

That’s what i am looking for… great

But I have one question. I want to add Audio sound for my tutorial videos.

Can I edit or mix this videos with background audio clips in Audacity ?

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Audacity does not edit video. You can edit and mix audio tracks in Audacity, but you will need a video editing program to put the edited soundtrack into your video.
If you have further questions, please start a new topic.

Unfortunately “as cheap as required” and “high quality audio production” tend to be contradictory. The quest for “really good sound” is a bottomless money pit :wink: Nevertheless, it is possible to get pretty good recordings on a small budget.

One cost effective option for recording is to use a portable recorder (one designed for recording music, not a one for dictation). I have the old version of the Zoom H2 (Zoom H2N) which can produce quite respectable recordings, and has the advantage of portability (so easy to move and set up in a room with good acoustics) and (importantly) no fan noise (a curse of computer recording).

I have a few comments that may help you and others:

  • See if you can listen to what you are recording. I can’t tell you how to do that since I am not yet very experienced with Audacity. That way you should be able to hear what I think may be 60 HZ hum from your AC power.

  • If your mic is really inexpensive you can’t expect much from it or the cable that is attached to it as was said before. If you buy a nice condenser mic at a level you can afford you should be much, much better results. For a violin you could also try using a contact mike, but that may introduce different problems.

  • I also own a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder and I consider it a recording studio in a box. That is, you can get some very, very nice recordings with it and very easily. But the display is hard to read and the munus can be confusing. It is also not cheap, I paid about $185 for mine about 4 years ago. There may be others on the market now that are cheaper, but you need one designed to record music.

  • Try using a different microphone, even if it’s cheaper. That may help you figure out where the hum is coming from.

  • Eastar also seems to use the name Hisonic. Are you using a wirreless mic by chance? If you are that would be the best source for any buzzing or hum.

Good Luck!