Advanced M3U Editing

Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone knew of making advanced M3Us that support fade-in/fade-out/cross-fading information?

The purpose would be for making an M3U that a user could “program” in a mix of mp3s without having to record
the whole thing to one mp3 file. I’ve noticed that flash mp3 players (and smartphones) seem to have a problem
fast forwarding a large mix mp3, so maybe this could work better? :astonished:

Anyway, if there is any program that can do it, I’d be interested. I’ve noticed that some programs do support
advanced m3u encoding (with fade-in information), but I’m not sure if flash drive mp3 players can read these
m3u files.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe M3U8 works?

M3U does not have support for fading or crossfading directives. Some media players have an option to crossfade between songs (such as Windows Media Player). There may be some players that can apply crossfading (when enabled) to songs played from a playlist, but that would be a feature of the player, not a feature of M3U.
See here for more information about the M3U format: M3U - Wikipedia

Any player that supports M3U should be able to skip from one song to the next.

Then you need to read the documentation for those programs.

M3U8 is just a Unicode version of M3U. If you write an M3U playlist in a text editor that supports UTF-8 encoding (such as NotePad++) and set the character encoding to UTF-8, then the M3U file is M3U8. See: M3U - Wikipedia

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