Administrator approval

So, OK I’m a novice but, Why do I need administrator approval to export a file to an Audacity file. Just do not get it. Searched help. I’m confused. My ad=udio files will only be saved to documents, videos etc. :confused:

We can probably start with which Audacity, all three numbers, Which Windows, and what exactly you’re trying to do.

“I sung a song into Audacity and now I’m trying to save it as an MP3 to the desktop.” Something like that. You can’t drop us into your problem mid-stroke. Nobody can follow that.


On recent Windows systems, you cannot automatically save files to your system drive, except to the approved folders like “Documents”, “Videos”, etc…
You might be able to save files to non-approved folders, but this will have to be done manually, and you will have to give special Administrator’s authorizations.

For some reason (I don’t know why), when you first use Audacity the default export directory is the directory where Audacity is installed (usually inside the “Programs” directory). “User files” (your files) should NOT be saved there. You should always save your documents, pictures, music, and other “user files” within your “user space”, such as in the “Documents”, “Music” or “Videos” folders. Standard user accounts are not allowed to save documents in system / program folders, and that is why you are prompted for an Administrator password.

When you Save or Export from Audacity, ensure that you are exporting / saving to a location where you are allowed to save files with your normal user account.

In recent Windows systems, programs are not allowed to automatically save documents to system / program folders even if you are logged into Windows as “Administrator”. In recent Windows systems, especially in Windows 10, all user accounts are treated as “ordinary” accounts, even the super “Administrator” account. In Windows 10, even “Administrators” cannot do as they please unless they show appropriate credentials.

Win 10 Audacity latest 2.1.1 .exe installer.

Never had to show ‘credentials’ for my system before. :confused: :confused: :sunglasses: as administrator. Think I’ll spend my off time this New Year in total immersion and denial of Win 10 issues.
Thanks for now.

Best pure computer joke of 2015:

“Behave yourself, or we’ll put Windows 10 on your computer.”


As in Windows 8 and 8.1, the hidden “elevated administrator” account can do as they want without prompting from User Account Control (UAC).

Of course it is not recommended to routinely log in as elevated administrator.


Thanks for reply. Win 10 Latest v. 2.1.1

Thanks for the reply. Where do I get/give Administrators authorizations?

Thank you for the reply. Have been saving “trials/tests” to documents.

Thanks for your reply. Guess I’ll have to research Win 10 “Administrator”.

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Thank all of you for your info.

Make sure you are saving to your Documents and not someone else’s.

If you don’t get a prompt that requests the administrator password, then you may have permissions problems on the folder or it may be read-only. Right-click the folder, choose “Properties” then look on the “General” and “Security” tabs. You may need to log in as Administrator to change permissions or ownership on the folder.


So, Win 10/Administrator Approval: Pinned Audacity app to start [TILE] To open, Rt click>choose run as administrator. One problem solved I think.
Pause /Save problem: Per manual: Before recording, from File choose ‘save as…’ and name the file etc. Now I can 'pause and save [close].
Thanks to all for help.

See my entry of 1/12/16 Administrator/Pause/save.

Audacity should not have to be run as administrator with full unrestricted elevated rights. Audacity works perfectly well as a standard application with standard rights in Windows 10.
For a lot of users, running a standard application As Administrator often spells unforeseen trouble.
You might want to take a look at How to Run an App as Administrator in Windows 10
Here is from that page:

By default, any time you run anything as administrator (elevated), you will get a UAC prompt for approval first. This will not bypass it.

See The only way you can Pause then Save is to choose File > Exit when paused (or use the red window Close button. And after save, Audacity then quits. This has nothing to do with the user rights you have.