Adjusting volumes of separate tracks (SOLVED)

I have Audacity-win 2.0.5 on a Windows XP operating system

I have been asked by my daughter ( as part of her university course) to record a track of music and then overdub words at intervals throughout with a microphone.
I have managed (after a struggle) to achieve this but I find that the overdubbed words are too quiet and the music tends to drown them out. I have set the music output slider to minimum and the microphone input to maximum but still the voiceover is too quiet. Anybody got a solution?

Assuming the music and words are on separate Audacity tracks, use the -…+ gain sliders on each track (to left of the blue waves) to adjust the relative volume of each track.

Audacity always mixes tracks together - look at the green playback meters and make sure after adjusting the gain sliders that no red lights come on to right of the meters: .



Thank you for such a prompt reply. It is so obvious now you have pointed it out. I have done what you said and it works perfectly.
Thanks again. I am now in my daughter’s good books.